The Secret to Cleaning the Washing Machine Drain Hose

If there’s an appliance in the house that we indeed couldn’t live without, it’s the washing machine. We use it daily to wash everything, but to ensure it works at its best and doesn’t break down, it requires necessary maintenance. Unfortunately, one essential detail is often overlooked: the exhaust pipe.

How to eliminate a clogged washing machine drain hose with a simple and effective trick

The washing machine is an appliance that has revolutionized our daily lives, making washing clothes simpler, quicker, and more efficient. Thanks to its wide range of programs and functions, it allows you to achieve optimal cleaning results. Furthermore, with its energy-saving features, the washing machine helps us reduce water and energy consumption.

The washing machine drain hose plays a crucial role in moving used water to the main drain. However, this hose can get clogged near the bend due to dirt, hair, threads, or other debris. A clogged hose can lead to issues like water leaks during the wash cycle, unpleasant odors, and standing water in the washer.

placing dirty clothes in the washing machine

The trick to free the washing machine drain hose

To prevent any damage to your washing machine, freeing a clogged drain hose as soon as possible is essential. Before seeking professional help, you can clear it using a wire. Attach a rubber piece to one end of the wire and carefully insert it into the hose. This simple method often proves effective in clearing the blockage.

After successfully removing the blockage, it’s crucial to clean your washing machine thoroughly. Run a maintenance wash by pouring a mixture of lemon and bicarbonate soda into the detergent drawer and running the machine at a high temperature. This process not only clears any remaining residues but also provides comprehensive cleaning and disinfection for your appliance.

Regularly clean the filter to prevent dirt and residues from reaching the drain pipe. You can clean it with natural remedies like white vinegar, baking soda, lemon, or salt. This maintenance routine ensures the proper functioning of your washing machine.

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