The Scent Can be Smelled From the Stairs. How to Clean and Perfume Them

It sometimes happens that you smell a good scent coming from some houses. No, we are not talking about a good smell of food, but rather a pleasant, clean aroma. Well, most likely it all depends on what you use to clean and perfume the floors.

How to get a good scent when washing floors?

That scent you smell in some homes could come from what is used to clean and wash the floors, as in the case in question

In reality, achieving well-cleaned and fragrant floors doesn’t require buying expensive products from supermarkets. There are natural methods involving ingredients we all have at our home or can easily obtain without spending a fortune.

The recipes for achieving a pleasant scent after washing the floor may vary a little depending on the material used on the floors. Here are some examples:

  • Marble floors: mix water, denatured alcohol, and liquid Marseille soap in a bucket. By washing the floor with this solution, you will automatically give the house a fresh, clean scent. If the floor has an unpleasant odor, add a few drops of lavender, coconut, or lemongrass essential oil to neutralize bad smells. Alternatively, you can use geranium or lemon essential oils. For a more degreasing option, add white wine vinegar to the water, Marseille soap, denatured alcohol, and essential oil to eliminate bad odors.
prepared solution in the bucket to clean the floors
  • Parquet floors: if you have a parquet instead, then you will have to use a different solution. Mix water, baking soda, and a couple of spoons of liquid Marseille soap in a bucket. Wash the floor with this solution and then thoroughly dry everything with a clean cloth.

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