The Pizza is Round, but the Cardboard is Square. Did You Know There is a Very Specific Reason?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wondered: for what absurd reason does my takeaway pizza arrive in a square cardboard box if the pizza is round? In reality, choosing a square container for a round-shaped food such as pizza has particular reasons. Today, we’ll reveal the mystery and give you not just one but three good reasons!

Three valid reasons why pizza boxes are square

Square cardboard for round pizza: 3 valid reasons

  • As much as a good pizza chef may strive to create the perfect round pizza, they will have a different size and shape than another. This is why pizza boxes aren’t perfectly round; fitting an imperfect circle into a perfect one would be tricky!
  • The second reason is all about geometry. To create a square box, you only need one sheet of cardboard, while for a round box, you need two sheets (one for the top and one for the bottom). So, square boxes are more cost-effective to make.
  • Another benefit is that storing, stacking, and packing square boxes is much more convenient and takes up significantly less space compared to round boxes!
pizza in a pizza box

Pizza boxes should be both recyclable and compostable. Surprisingly, you can toss used pizza boxes in the waste bin. They must also have small holes on the sides that allow hot pizza steam to escape, preventing excess moisture inside. Another fundamental thing: there must be no drawings or colored decorations inside the cardboard. They would inevitably end up in contact with food, which would not be good from a hygienic point of view.

square boxes for pizza are more cost-effective to make

The packaging industry is continually advancing, and while some pizzerias are exploring cutting-edge packaging solutions, we are almost certain that the classic square compostable cardboard will continue to be a popular choice among pizzerias worldwide. Its cost-effectiveness and ease of production make it a practical and enduring option.

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