The Most Common Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer

Like other organs in the body, pancreatic cancer can arise when cells undergo malignant transformations. In particular, it affects the male population, but women, especially at an advanced age, are not immune to it. While an exact cause remains undefined, experts suggest potential links to factors such as alcohol consumption, smoking, genetics, and others. However, further research is required to establish and confirm these associations.

The typical warning signs of pancreatic cancer

Treating the disease is complicated due to the absence of strong symptoms in the initial stages or the fact that warning signs tend to be confused with more common ailments. Researchers, nonetheless, have identified certain signals that should be recognized promptly.

Possible signs of pancreatic cancer

Digestive system disorders can be linked to pancreatic cancer, often arising from an obstruction that blocks the flow of digestive enzymes. This obstruction can lead to various symptoms, including:

  • Gas
  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Constipation

When pancreatic cancer is situated in the head of the pancreas, patients commonly experience yellowing of the skin, often accompanied by itching in the hands and feet. This discoloration is caused by a blockage in the bile duct, affecting the regulation of pigmentation.

scan of immune system in the computer

Rapid and significant weight loss might initially appear as a welcome change, even a miracle. Instead, a serious health problem is hidden behind it.

Pancreatic cancer’s impact on digestive processes often leads to alterations in stool. Inefficient digestion makes it difficult to eliminate waste, causing changes such as increased fermentation during its passage through the body and a smell worse than usual.

If the described symptoms persist, it is important for you to consult a specialist for a comprehensive medical examination.

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