Taking care of old and weathered baseboards

When it comes to cleaning the baseboards at home, we can all probably think of a lot of other more pleasant things to do with our time. Their name alone implies a lot of time crawling on our hands and knees to get them clean. And because of the location of baseboards, they are particularly vulnerable to damage and the accumulation of dirt and dust. But in this article, we are going to discuss how this chore can actually become less daunting.

The right tools for cleaning your baseboards

As we approach the task of cleaning baseboards, one of our main goals is to limit the time we spend bent over and enduring back pain. The first step in doing this is to get a hold of some cotton balls and white wine vinegar. Wad several cotton balls together and then soak them in the vinegar. Now wipe along the surface of the baseboards and the dust should vanish immediately.

room with baseboards

If your baseboards are made of marble, however, then we need to change our technique a bit. Marble can become quite brittle when it is treated with certain products, and this can result in us making the dirty situation even worse instead of better. For this reason, we need to completely avoid vinegar. Instead, we can either use yellow hand soap or Marseille soap. We will still use the cotton balls though.

black marble steps

Begin by mixing the soap with water to get a nice amount of lather. Again, wad some cotton balls together and soak them in the soapy foam. Apply the damp cotton across the entire surface of your baseboards and in no time they will appear clean and emit a lovely scent. Most importantly, though, you should be pleased to find that absolutely no damage has been done to the beautiful marble. 

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