Steel Water Bottles: with These Two Remedies, You Can Say Goodbye to Bad Smells

Choosing steel water bottles over plastic is a great way to be eco-friendly. Even though they’re a bit heavier in your bag, they’re reusable and help cut down on single-use plastic waste, which is good for the environment. The cool thing about steel bottles is that you can use them for both cold and hot drinks. However, after a while, they might start to smell not-so-great. But don’t worry! If we use these two natural remedies, goodbye to bad smells from water bottles.

No more bad smells in steel bottles

Bad odor problem in steel water bottles? Here's how to solve it with these two comfortable, practical natural remedies

The problem is that steel water bottles need regular cleaning to prevent the accumulation of bacteria and bad odors. Using them day after day without proper cleaning allows saliva residues and mouth contact to foster harmful bacterial growth. This poses health risks that we should avoid at all costs.

Many people overlook this issue because they’re accustomed to drinking from plastic water bottles, which are consumed quickly and just as quickly discarded; they have never had to wash these bottles.

a purple color of steel water bottle is placed on the rocks

But with steel water bottles, the situation is different: we can reuse them day after day, but exactly as we do with plates and glasses, we also have to wash them every day. There are two remedies we can use:


Fill the bottle with hot water and dissolve some salt, ensuring thorough mixing. Let this solution sit overnight, then rinse the bottle thoroughly before using it again. The salt will thus have absorbed bad odors, also sanitizing the inside of the bottle.

Marseille soap

Cut some flakes of Marseille soap and place them in the bottle. Fill the bottle with warm water and mix well. Again, let it act overnight, and then rinse the bottle well before using it again. Marseille soap is a superb natural detergent known for its ability to eliminate bad odors.

Additionally, using a bottle brush to reach all corners and crevices is advisable for a thorough cleaning. Obviously, we must wash and sanitize the steel water bottle every day. After each wash, make sure to let it dry thoroughly before closing the cap. Avoid sealing the bottle immediately to prevent the development of moldy smells.

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