Stained tablecloths – the trick to getting out stains without using bleach

We usually resort to using bleach to get rid of tough stains from clothes and tablecloths, but keep in mind that this product is very strong and can cause damage to our fabrics. Luckily, there are some alternative methods we can use that won’t damage our fabrics and are less of a threat to our health.

Don’t worry, these methods do not make it too difficult to remove stains. In fact, it is actually a quick and simple job. However, how easy to get rid of a stain does depend on how quickly you get to work on it. There is big difference between cleaning the mess within a few minutes and letting enough time go by so that the stain gets embedded into the fabric.

Warm water

If only a few minutes have passed, you should still be able to clean the mess by rubbing warm water around the soiled area. However, if the stain has already dried up, then you will need a mixture of baking soda and salt diluted in water. Dab the mixture on the stain and then let it sit for a few minutes. Now, you can add the tablecloth to the washing machine and wash like normal.


When dealing with wine stains, it is ideal to use the degreasing properties of a lemon to get rid of the mess. Squeeze some lemon juice onto the stain and leave it for five minutes. Next, wash the tablecloth in hot water.

Vinegar, water, and dish soap

If you have already tried to get rid of the stain, and some rings have been left behind, then you will have to resort to a mixture of vinegar, water, and dish soap. Create your mixture and rub it into the stain. Next, put the tablecloth back into the washing machine. Though these methods take a bit of preparation, they are still simple to apply and will end up being just as effective as bleach.

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