Your sponge can be a Haven for Germs and Bacteria: how to get rid of them

It may seem a bit ironic, but your sponge is a haven for germs and bacteria, even though it is used to clean the dirty items in the house. This is why it is imperative that we switch sponges regularly and clean them carefully between each use. So let’s look into how to get this done the right way.

clean sponge

Despite having an arsenal of modern appliances to help keep the home clean and tidy, we still can’t go without our sponge next to the sink. There are still going to be jobs that the dishwasher just can’t handle on its own, so we need to take our sponge and get our hands a little dirty. But each time we clean a dish full of grease and old food, our sponge is absorbing bacteria and germs. Therefore, we have to give it thorough clean routinely, and here’s how!

How to sanitize your sponge

yellow sponge

We have a simple method for getting your sponges clean and germ-free. You will just need a couple of things:

• Hot water
• Lemon juice

To get started, fill a large bowl with hot water. Next, squeeze the juice from one whole lemon into the water. Now, take the sponge you want to disinfect and fully immerse it in the liquid. After about 20 minutes, you can take the sponge out and squeeze it dry.

green yellow sponge

You will notice immediately that the sponge now gives off a pleasant scent, and, most importantly, it is now perfectly clean.

Always remember, though it is important to clean your sponge after each use, it still needs to be replaced frequently. They don’t last forever, and eventually they become too damaged to do their job. But until this happens, now you know how to get the most out of your sponge while maintaining a clean and healthy home.

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