Some Tips for Eliminating Dog Pee From the Floor

When puppies arrive in a new home, they may do some damage, and we’re not just talking about chewed shoes or torn pillows. One common issue is them peeing on the floor. If our faithful furry friends aren’t fully trained from the beginning, they may have accidents and urinate indoors. So, how can we effectively remove the stains and lingering urine smell from the floor? Let’s find out.

Dog pee? Here's how to get rid of the stain and odor from your floor

How do you eliminate the dog pee smell from the floor?

Living with a dog may lead to unpleasant surprises on the floor. In such cases, it’s essential to act promptly. The first step is to eliminate any traces of urine immediately.

This is because urine contains crystals that can’t be effectively removed with regular store-bought detergents. Therefore, it’s crucial to not only clean the visible traces but also to eliminate the odor. Even if we can’t smell it, our dog can.

a cute dog sitting on the floor

Dog urine contains pheromones, which are helpful for the animal to mark its territory and make its presence felt by its peers. To effectively deal with this issue, there are products specifically designed to permanently eliminate the stains and the odor of dog urine.

The first step is to absorb the liquid to prevent it from evaporating and leaving behind the acidic components that can damage the floor. We take absorbent paper to blot the urine, and then take a damp cloth to clean the stain with water and detergent. This helps prevent any lasting damage to the floor.

Don’t use ammonia-based products, as they can smell similar to urine and might attract your dog to urinate in the same spot again. After cleaning, cover the stain with baking soda and leave it for about eight hours. This helps neutralize any remaining odor.

a cute dog sitting on the carpet

Then, vacuum with a vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda, and clean the area again with a detergent containing essential oils. If the urine has already dried, you can clean it with a solution of water, vinegar, lemon, and baking soda to ensure thorough odor elimination.

Be careful, though. Before applying these substances directly on the pee stain, perform a test in a discreet corner of the floor to ensure they won’t cause any damage or create an irreversible stain.

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