Some of the Various Uses for Talcum Powder

For many generations, mothers and fathers have been applying talcum powder to their children’s skin, particularly after swimming or bathing. But this white powder has many other uses besides comforting the skin. In this article, we’re going to explore exactly what they are.

Talcum Powder

Some Life Hacks Involving Talcum Powder

Over time, any pair of shoes will start emitting a funny smell. Inside, our shoes are in constant contact with heat and moisture, creating a perfect environment for the buildup of bacteria and bad smells. However, if you habitually add a little talcum powder to the inside of your shoes each night, you can get rid of bad smells and excess moisture.

Talcum powder can also come in handy when cleaning windows. By mixing talcum powder with a bit of vinegar, you can easily get rid of stains and halos that have formed on your glass surfaces. The combination is excellent at breaking down dirt while making your windows shine.

you can get rid of bad smells and excess moisture with talcum powder

You can also freshen the air in your entire house by using talcum powder. In case of too much humidity, particularly during the summer, just put some talcum powder in little bags left open around the house. The powder will help reduce moisture and leave a neutral smell. Additionally, you can add talcum powder to the vacuum bag. This will not only prevent the buildup of mold and bacteria inside the vacuum but also clean the air as you get rid of dirt with your vacuum. To add a bit of an aromatic effect, mix the talcum powder with Marseilles soap.

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