Some Alternative Ways to Use Your Stovetop Coffee Maker

Most of us consider the stovetop coffee maker (also known as a Moka pot) useful for only one thing, making coffee. But like with many other household items, we can get creative and discover new ways to use the things that we don’t usually even give much thought to. So let’s look at how the stovetop coffee maker can do more than just make espresso.

coffee maker and magic stick

Now, we cannot deny that Alfonso Bialetti’s invention of the stovetop coffee maker in 1933 has changed the way we prepare espresso even today. It is simple to use and produces an espresso that is comparable to those made at bars and restaurants. And on top of this, it is incredibly practical and inexpensive. The invention is still commonplace, particularly in Italian homes. You could even say that for most Italians, it is essential to normal life.

Repurposing the Stovetop Coffee Maker

It may sound strange, but the stovetop coffee maker can help out when preparing some of our dishes in the kitchen. It was actually the Italian chef, Massimo Viglietti, who originally discovered some new ways to use this type of coffee maker. He found out that it can be quite handy when preparing soups and broths. When doing this, though, it is important to avoid powders and use real vegetables and spices in order to avoid clogging the filter of the machine.

make minestrone with a moka pot

Instant Minestrone

Preparing a minestrone can be quite simple when using your coffee maker. All we need to do is add some water with some mixed pre-cooked vegetables to the coffee maker. Don’t forget to also include some spices of your choosing. Heat the machine and continue as you would when making espresso. Once the water has boiled, you can pour out the vegetable broth from the machine and you will also be left with a vegetable side dish inside.

bowl of soup

Fish Broth

You can also prepare a fish broth that goes great with risotto with your coffee maker. Prepare your shellfish first by toasting them. Next, add them to the filter of the coffee machine and add water to the lower chamber. Now just turn on the heat like you normally would and you will get a fish broth that can be used with rice and a variety of other dishes.

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