Scratches on the Steel Hob? Tricks to Fix It…

With frequent use, it is easy to leave scratches on steel hobs. As much as we try to take the most extraordinary possible precautions, it can still happen. The remedies we are going to recommend are effective and natural.

Tricks to remove scratches from steel hobs

Practical tips in case of scratches on steel hobs

First on the list is olive oil. Like salt, it is an essential product in the gastronomic field and, at the same time, represents a precious resource in various household tasks. To address hob scratches, apply a bit of olive oil on a cotton ball and gently rub it in the direction of the scratch. Allow it to sit for a few minutes, then rinse and dry with a cotton cloth.

Many people already rely on vinegar to take care of their kitchen. If so, soak a non-abrasive sponge in a generous amount of vinegar to address hob scratches. Use this soaked sponge to rub the entire surface, paying special attention to the affected area and always following the direction of the scratches. Finally, rinse and admire the results!

Toothpaste can be an excellent solution to clean the hib

Toothpaste can be an excellent solution. Apply a strip of toothpaste in the direction of the scratch, then spread it using a cloth (never use an abrasive sponge). Leave it to act for a while, and finally rinse. To prevent spreading residue, remove any excess with a napkin before rinsing to avoid dirtying the rest of the hob.

Now, let’s tackle something that might seem absurd, a paradox that is difficult to explain. Yet, sandpaper can provide the desired results, provided you select the right type. Look for extremely fine sandpaper with 1200 grit, and you’ll be heading in the right direction.

clean hobs

Gently rub the fine sandpaper on the affected surface. We repeat it here, too, to avoid misunderstandings: always move your hand in the direction of the scratch. Although it is a relatively intuitive precaution, we prefer to remind you each time to avoid unpleasant surprises. Afterward, polish the area with a cotton ball soaked in oil and dry it.

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