Scent Your Clothes With the Iron, You Should Know This Trick

Having scented clothes with the iron is the “dream” of any housewife. However, the outcomes often fall short due to common methods usually used, which are wrong from the start, or because products advertised with trumpet blasts by companies are bought, but of mediocre quality. Even if the article reflects the promised standards, there is certainly a “catch”: the presence of chemical elements harmful to health.

With little iron can also perfume your clothes

How to Obtain Perfumed Garments with the Iron

Since taking care of your well-being must remain the top priority, what should you do? Accept the idea of ​​having smelly clothes? Obviously, the question is rhetorical! To put your mind at ease, the method I’m going to tell you about is child’s play, capable of offering you excellent results with minimal effort, as well as at a low cost. This approach requires almost negligible expenses, effectively debunking the excuse of high costs that often hold weight elsewhere.

Instead of letting yourself be persuaded by clever advertising strategies of companies, opt for a simple technique that’s accessible to everyone, regardless of their experience level in household tasks. You don’t need specialized skills to utilize this approach, and its inherent simplicity is one of its key advantages that motivates us to endorse it.

use essential oil to scent your cloths with the iron

In a reasonably sized container, pour 250 ml of water with six drops of essential oil. Feel free to follow your personal preferences and experiment with different scents. The key is to choose a fragrance that resonates with your own tastes, ignoring any meddling opinions from friends or family. Trust your intuition, and you’ll do great! Transfer the mixture into a spray bottle and spray it on the clothes just before ironing. Coming into contact with the steam emanating from the appliance, the clothes will receive an inebriating scent.

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