The right way to separate clothes before washing

In theory, the chore of doing the laundry would seem pretty simple. However, it is all too common to find our clothes becoming worn and damaged when they come out of the washer. Here we will examine why and how to separate clothes before each load.

Let us begin with the whites. White clothes can easily become not so white when they are mixed with colors in the machine. So it comes as no surprise that white clothes should be washed separately. Also, you can even add a little white wine vinegar to the load to make your clothes appear even brighter.

When washing linens, the same rule of the whites applies. If you are removing stains, try to use a powder detergent and use a cold setting.

Now, when it comes to the colors, we don’t want them to fade. These articles of clothing should also be separated and washed on their own. It is even better to group each individual color, for example, black with black and blue with blue. It is also worth checking if your machine also has specific settings for dark colors and light colors.

sorting clothes

If you happen to find yourself in a hurry and don’t have the time to sort out all the colors, then you can always set the washing machine to a cold temperature. This will help prevent the colors from bleeding and ruining an entire load of clothes.

Labels are important

drying white linens

The labels on our clothes can often offer some help when it comes to washing them. Sometimes, the label can even tell us at which temperature the garment should be washed. Also, labels can advise against certain types of detergent. Not to mention drying techniques can also be explained.

Temperature is also a deciding fact when it comes to the integrity of the fibers in our clothes. Cotton can usually withstand temperatures up to 60 degrees, while tablecloths and napkins can take up to 90 degrees for removing stains. Colors and delicate materials should be washed at no more than 40 degrees to keep them from becoming damaged.

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