Do You Throw Away The Cooking Water from the Potatoes? Do Not Do It! We Reveal Some Tricks That Will Make Your Life Easier…

Potato cooking water is a nutrient-rich liquid that can be reused in many ways to create delicious and healthy recipes. In this article, we will explore some innovative ideas on how to make the most out of cooking water from potatoes.

Don't throw away the potato water

One simple and tasty way to use potato cooking water is to make a delicious mashed potato. Simply mash the cooked potatoes, add a little milk and butter, and mix well. For an even tastier puree, you can replace the milk with this water.

The uses you didn’t know about potato water

For instance, did you know that potato water can restore the shine of silver items? Just soak the objects in the cooking water from the potatoes and leave them to act for an hour. Then, rinse and dry them with a cloth. Your silver items will sparkle again!

For silver items that lost their shine, this product works wonders.

If your garden or kitchen garden is infested with weeds, spray this water, which, thanks to its starch content, will get rid of them in a short time.

Potato water, being rich in potassium, is very useful for the plants in the garden. But remember not to salt it during cooking.

For healthy, glowing skin, dip a pad in potato water and scrub your face. Pat dry and apply moisturizer afterward.

water cooked potato

Another great way to reuse this product is by using it to make bread. Instead of regular water, use the potato water to prepare the dough. It adds a unique flavor to the bread, making it softer and more digestible.

You can also use it to make homemade pasta by adding it to flour to obtain soft and tasty pasta.

It can also be used as a base for soup. Add your favorite vegetables like zucchini, cherry tomatoes, and spinach, along with legumes, to make the soup nutritious. Season it with salt and spices to your liking. This will result in a delicious and flavorful soup packed with goodness.

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