Quick and Practical Trick to Clean the Washing Machine Drain Hose with Foam:

We know that achieving good laundry results depends on detergents and a well-maintained washing machine. Here are some tips on how to keep the drain pipe clean, ensuring the optimal performance of your machine.

Pipes play a crucial role in supporting the operation of the appliance. This system is responsible for both recirculating water within the machine and disposing of soaps and other residues.

Cleaning the washing machine drain hose is not that difficult if you know this trick!

Precisely for this reason, the drain pipe is particularly susceptible to accumulations and stagnation, which, as evident, create favorable conditions for the proliferation of mold and bacteria. Obstructions caused by clogging in drain pipes can lead to not only hygienic and sanitary issues but also energy inefficiency. The effort of slow emptying can result in an increase in electricity consumption.

Here’s how to avoid these unwanted inconveniences; all you need is some foam.

How to clean with foam

In this case, prevention is the best maintenance practice for the drain pipe. Regular and thorough cleaning is essential even before deposits accumulate to the point of blocking the pipes.

a person is cleaning the drain hose of the washing machine

Certainly, even if the tube gets clogged, the foaming agent method remains a valid and effective solution. This approach serves as a reliable tool to ensure your washing machine enjoys a long and healthy lifespan and operates in good condition. The operating principle is indeed very simple: by filling the tube with foam, the pressure exerted by it will pull away the previous content.

Since it is foam and not just air, it has the added capability of not only removing the blockage but also capturing deposited particulates such as threads, dust, and hair. The process is quick and free of difficulty: all you need is a foam can with a nozzle to fill the tube.

a person is putting cotton in the drain hose of the washing machine

Once one end of the hose has been freed and the nozzle is centered, all that remains is to spray until the foam begins to come out on its own. The emergence of foam indicates the fullness of the tube, and at this point, the drain pipe will start to empty itself of accumulated debris using the flow of foam.

You can consider the drain pipe clean enough when it stops ejecting mush and piles of various materials, causing only water to come out.

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