We should be putting a plastic bag on the broom – the surprising reason why

There is an advantage to wrapping a plastic bag around your broom, and this trick is becoming increasingly more well-known. But why do this?

The Reason for Putting a Plastic Bag on the Broom

The more obvious reason for wrapping a plastic bag around the broom is for the collection of stray hairs that can be found all around the house. Additionally, there is the accumulation of all kinds of residue in every corner of the house, and the broom by itself is not terribly effective in getting rid of these.

Running low on plastic bags? No problem, you can also substitute a plastic bag with a pillowcase or even an old handkerchief. The main objective of this method is to make life easier. For this reason, we prefer a plastic bag because it can be thrown away after the job is done, and there’s no additional cleaning necessary.

broom and bag

Another option is using hair nets. They are just as effective in picking up dust and small particles. Saran wrap is also a great substitute for the same reason. Just cover the end of the broom and sweep as you would normally. The results are always the same, and cleaning takes barely any time at all. Remember, you can also apply this trick to beds, sofas, and carpets. You may also want to give it a try on your curtains.

blue pillow

This can be particularly valuable advice for a couple of reasons. First off, it is always nice to find ways to save time when cleaning the house, there are many other things we surely would like to be doing instead of cleaning around the house. Secondly, not everyone is an expert when it comes to household chores. So this little trick may be the answer a housekeeping amateur has been looking for.

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