Place the aluminium foil in this strategic point of the house

When we think about the different ways aluminum foil can be used, usually gardening does not immediately come to mind. However, this is one of the most practical applications for this kind of product.

woman with aluminium foil

As strange as it may seem, just by adding some pieces of aluminum foil can be a game changer for your garden. And in addition to helping the garden, this is also a great way to recycle aluminum foil that has already been used for food packaging or any other application.

And there we have it, reusing waste and providing for nature. It doesn’t get much more eco-friendly that that. So let’s take a closer look at how aluminum foil can benefit the plants in your garden.

Aluminum foil and your garden

One way aluminum foil can help our garden is by acting as a thermal insulator to stimulate plant growth. We just need two or three sheets, and it doesn’t matter if they’ve already been used for something else.


Take a sheet of foil and lay it under your seeds and soil. By doing this, the seed is isolated from the rest of the soil and the foil is able to retain heat by reflecting the sunlight from above. The ability to reflect light alone makes this material invaluable for plant growth.

Another application for aluminum foil that we will discuss is especially useful for small vegetable gardens, which could even be growing on the balcony. These gardens are vulnerable to birds and other small animals that feed off the fruits and vegetables that our plants produce. It’s a shame to lose that produce after all the care we put into our garden. Luckily, we can use a bit of aluminum foil to confuse those little pests.


All you have to do is tear off some squares of foil and attach them individually to a piece of string. Hang the foil squares all around your garden, and now you will notice that your plants are no longer going to be bothered.

By using these techniques with aluminum foil, your garden can continue grow well while being protected at the same time.

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