Perfume the House with Felt Pads on Chairs: a Trick That Will Win You Over

Felt pads on chairs not only prevent floor scratches but can also serve as a valuable asset in an alternative way. They are also useful for adding a pleasant fragrance to your house. Keep reading, and we’ll explain how!

Here’s a pocket-friendly tip to bring a wonderful fragrance into your home. The best part? It’s super easy to move around based on your preferences. Follow the method illustrated below, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its effectiveness and simplicity!

Felt chair pads: a trick to perfume the house

To give a fantastic essence to your home, use this effective trick with chair felt pads

Stick to the steps as written without feeling the need to give a “personal touch”. Improvising might ruin the effort. So, let’s revisit the ancient procedure passed down from our ancestors. They, lacking our resources, crafted remarkable techniques with very little. Let’s not underestimate their wisdom.

attaching felt pad in the wardrobe

Begin by placing 3 or 4 drops of essential oil or room perfume onto the surface of the felt pad. Allow the pad some time to absorb the substance completely, and you’re all set!

A common question we receive is, “Which fragrance do you recommend?” Let’s start from an assumption: there is no absolute right or wrong answer. Every consideration should be made based on personal tastes. However, some scents are better suited for specific areas of the home.

felt pad in the shoe cupboard

For example, fresh and citrus essences like lemon, orange, mandarin, or mint are preferred in the kitchen and bathroom. Bedrooms are best with relaxing scents such as lavender or vanilla. Living rooms and other areas offer complete freedom in fragrance choice. If unsure, experiment to discover the most fitting solution for your preferences.

Finally, place the felt pad strategically in key locations like the wardrobe, under the dustbin lid, in the shoe rack, or behind the toilet to maximize its effectiveness.

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