What Time Should You Open the Windows to Cool the House and Not Let the Heat In? Find Out the Answer and Say Goodbye to the Air Conditioner

With the heat of these days, those who do not have air conditioning in the house are bending over backward to have a minimum of coolness. Alongside using energy-efficient fans, a common approach is to open windows and balconies, hoping for a refreshing breeze. Yet we have to open the windows at the right time and moment, in order to avoid letting in the heat as well.

it's important to open the windows at the right time

What is the best time to open windows for cooling the house?

A suggested approach is to open windows either in the evening or during the early morning to maintain fresh indoor air. In this way, it allows the heat that accumulates in the house during the day to escape, while welcoming the slightly cooler night air.

During the daytime, especially as the sun begins to heat up in the morning, it’s advisable to close windows and keep shutters tightly shut. This prevents excessive sunlight from entering and overheating the house. This involves keeping blinds and shutters open until around 9 AM and then closing everything until 9 PM in the evening.

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Nonetheless, there are individuals who criticize this approach. Closing everything in this manner, even if windows are left open but with shutters closed, results in no air circulation. While it’s true that this keeps out the sun’s heat, it also prevents any air movement, eliminating even the possibility of a slight breeze that could offer relief from the heat.

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So, perhaps a better strategy is to lower the shutters only when the sun directly hits them, without closing them completely. When there’s a complete lack of airflow, an alternative solution emerges: if feasible and secure, leaving the front door open. Admittedly, this may lead to occasional interactions with neighbors passing on the stairs. Nevertheless, it can facilitate a basic level of air movement, contributing to maintaining a tolerable indoor temperature.

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