Never Put Toilet Paper Under the Toilet Seat! the Reason Why

Small, bad habits. From an early age, you are taught to place toilet paper under the toilet seat to try to keep a safe distance from germs. Toilets have become a common fixture in bathrooms across apartments, restaurants, and bars since the middle of the last century. Notably, they often share a similar design that allows you to carry out your needs safely and comfortably.

Toilet paper should not be placed under the toilet seat! Despite parents and grandparents advising it, it is a terrible habit that should be eliminated as soon as possible

There is a particular reason why it would be advisable not to place toilet paper under the toilet seat

The smooth surface of the toilet responds to hygiene concerns. At the same time, the raised part of the seat serves a specific function—it allows you to avoid being in direct contact with the toilet itself, ensuring additional protection. Furthermore, the construction ensures that contact is only made with the skin, not with the private parts. This feature is a good measure justified by health considerations, guaranteeing a level of cleanliness and hygiene.

Now, let’s move on to toilet paper. Its rough part responds perfectly to the need for which it was designed but at the same time constitutes a very fertile ground for possible bacteria. Therefore, it’s advisable not to place it in direct contact with the toilet seat to avoid the risk of absorbing any present bacteria.

a clean toilet

Although it may be surprising, it’s advisable not to follow the advice of parents and grandparents regarding placing toilet paper directly on the seat. At that time, the potential negative effects of this practice were not well-known.

A separate discussion must be made in the case of public toilets. If so, what is the correct behavior? Well, if available, using the provided disinfectant can help sanitize the toilet seat. In such cases, using toilet paper to further ensure cleanliness could be a good practice.

Be that as it may, mere logic recommends not putting yourself in direct contact with the toilet in case of uncertainty. If possible, postponing the use of the facilities until you reach your home can be a preferable option.

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