Never Make This MISTAKE with Air Fryers

Air fryers have become a common household appliance today. Many decide to use them because becoming familiar with them is really a matter of a moment, and they offer the advantage of achieving tasty results. Furthermore, they give us the opportunity to keep condiments low, which, however good they are, do not favor our well-being, on the contrary.

Considering the mentioned qualities above, it’s important to note that air fryers also require attention. While not overly complicated, taking simple precautions is necessary. Fortunately, these precautions are straightforward and can be easily implemented by anyone.

Tips for using and maintaining air fryers

Air fryers: how to keep them in good condition

The operation of the appliance is similar to that of a traditional oven. Therefore, the preheating phase is valuable, allowing us to obtain crispier and less dry dishes.

Additionally, air fryers offer reduced cooking times, with obvious advantages in terms of economic savings. This is particularly crucial in the current period, considering the significant rise in electricity and gas bills.

The top air fryers in the market come with feet. If yours lacks this feature, pay attention to the work surface. To prevent any damage, consider using a cutting board or placing an upside-down baking tray underneath the air fryer as a protective measure during use.

One common mistake for beginners is overloading the air fryer with too much food.

One common mistake for beginners is overloading the air fryer with too much food. It’s crucial to respect the appliance’s actual capacity because, otherwise, you would end up with undercooked dishes, and you would have to repeat the process. Overloading not only compromises cooking results but may also lead to the opposite effect – instead of reducing consumption, you end up doubling it!

One of the benefits of air fryers lies in their cooking methods. To make your dishes tasty, you don’t have to use too much oil—just a minimal amount is sufficient. Using excessive amounts of frying oil can be harmful to health. Hence, the air fryer’s ability to produce flavorful dishes with minimal oil is a healthier alternative.

Despite their reduced use of oil, air fryers also require regular cleaning: remember this so as not to compromise their functionality.

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