Never Buy Avocados Again – Just Grow Them at Home

The avocado is one of those exotic fruits that has become popular all over the world. And it comes as no surprise that it is becoming increasingly common to also grow them in the home. And if you too are a lover of the fruit and have not yet tried producing your own, then keep reading to get the information you will need to get your avocado garden started.

a avocado with yellow and green background

As the avocado has become a staple in the kitchen, it has also become quite appreciated for its benefits. In addition to its great taste, the fruit is also rich in vitamins B5, B6, C, and K. It also contains potassium and other healthy elements such as fiber. However, always be aware that avocado is also known to be high in fat, so it may be best to enjoy it in moderation.

Growing Your Own Avocado

In order to get started, we will need to get a hold of avocado seed and four toothpicks. Poke each toothpick into the seed toward the center, making sure that they are equidistant from each other. Now we can place the seed in a cup or small bowl of water.

process of growing an avocado

At this point, we will have to let the seed sit in the water for up to six weeks. Try to leave the seed in a warm and dry area where there is no direct sunlight. During this waiting period, roots should begin to grow and a stem will also appear.

Once the stem has reached 15 centimeters, it will be necessary to trim it by about 6 centimeters. This will allow the surrounding roots to continue to expand. Next, fill a vase with soil that has a high nutrient content. Dig a small hole into the earth and bury the avocado seed.

grow a plant in a pot

As the plant continues to grow, make sure to water it routinely but not excessively. You will know when it is time for watering when the leaves turn slightly yellow or brown. Keep up this routine and after about a year the fruit will be ready for the kitchen.  

water drops on leaf

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