Before Leaving for the Holidays They Are All Putting a Nail in the Plants, Why?

After enduring the long and chilly winter, we finally welcome the warm and long-awaited days of summer. It’s time to enjoy the wonders that nature offers. If you’re planning a trip for a few days, it’s essential to ensure your home is well-maintained before you leave. Additionally, it would be wise to consider the well-being of your plants, so they don’t suffer while you’re away. Taking a little extra care now will help prevent them from deteriorating during your absence.

Why put the nail in the plants before leaving for the holidays

hand holds nails and plant

The trick I’m about to reveal will keep your plants in satisfactory condition, even when you’re away. Have you heard about the nail method? To be honest, it may sound unconventional, but it surprisingly works wonders. Give it a chance, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the positive outcomes it can bring. This simple method ensures your plants stay hydrated and healthy while you’re gone.

With social platforms offering a variety of gardening tricks, this one stands out for its simplicity, making it accessible to everyone. Not everyone is an expert in gardening, and while some solutions may seem interesting, they can often be overly complex. In contrast, the technique I’m about to explain is easy to understand and implement. Simply follow the steps provided, and witness its impressive effectiveness.

Here is what you need:

  • long nail
  • twine

That’s right, you just need two elements. The choice of the string depends on the ability to absorb water. Wrap it around the nail, except the tip, to be stuck on the plant. After that, leave a loose thread above the top of the nail, apply a weight to the opposite side, and tie it with a knot.

a long nail wrapped with twine

Now, it’s time to take the string and soak it in a bottle of water for a minimum amount of time. After that, remove it from the water and insert the nail into the soil of the plant. With these steps done, your job is complete. If you followed the instructions correctly, the plant will reward your patience. I ask you just a little bit of faith!

nail method

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