Monstera Deliciosa Cutting: the Secrets You Need to Know

Do you have a Monstera deliciosa and would like to multiply it, but don’t know how? Well, there is a very simple method to propagate Monstera through cuttings. This way you can have more plants to embellish your balcony and also to give as gifts to your friends. So here’s how to propagate Monstera deliciosa through cuttings, one of the most common plants in our homes.

Did you know that it is possible to propagate Monstera deliciosa via cuttings?

How to propagate Monstera through cuttings?

The first thing is to select the perfect cutting. Start by finding the node, the point on the plant from which leaves and aerial roots emerge. Ensure the node has at least one leaf and one root. Opt for green, large, and robust nodes, preferably with numerous aerial roots.

Monstera deliciosa placed in bright area

Now, take some scissors or a knife, which are sharp and disinfected, to avoid infections that could nullify the procedure and damage the mother plant. Make a clean cut just below the selected node. Ensure the stem has enough length to foster root growth. A greater number of aerial roots on the cutting increases the likelihood of successful root development and the growth of a new plant. Obtain the cutting in spring or early summer: being in the growth phase, it will grow faster.

Monstera deliciosa placed indoors

Once you have taken the cutting, you can propagate it:

  • in water: if you choose to propagate the cutting in water, change the water regularly to prevent mold and algae growth. Furthermore, keep in mind that this method takes weeks for roots to develop. Once the roots have grown sufficiently, transplant the cutting into well-draining, moist soil, ensuring there is no water stagnation. Place the pot in an area with indirect sunlight, avoiding full sun exposure.
  • in the ground: if you propagate the cutting directly in the ground, there’s no need for transplantation. Keep the soil consistently moist, avoiding water stagnation, and place the pot in an area with indirect light.

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