Mistakes Not to Make When Your Dog Pees in the House: You Risk Spreading the Bad Smell!

Having a dog at home can be wonderful, but dealing with pee stains on the floor can be a real challenge when thoroughly removing the smell. Let’s explore what mistakes to avoid to prevent the smell from spreading throughout the house!

If your dog has peed on the floor, be careful not to make these mistakes: they could make the situation worse!

When our dog pees on the floor, using products like bleach and detergents might not be sufficient to eliminate the unpleasant smell. Instead, it can feel like the entire floor, walls, and even every piece of furniture in the room are filled with stench. Here are some mistakes to avoid to prevent the bad smell from worsening.

1.   Pay attention to the material involved.

To address pet stains, it’s essential to differentiate between stains on the floor and those on fabric surfaces like sofas. In fact, if the stain is on fabric, the first thing you must do is put some absorbent paper on it to eliminate excess moisture.

a women cleaning the floor

Then, generously sprinkle baking soda over the affected area and leave it overnight. The next day, equip yourself with a vacuum cleaner to suck away all the residues.

2.   Don’t try to cover up the smell.

Another critical thing to know is that using scented products or detergents to mask the odor won’t effectively remove the smell. It’s important to first completely eliminate the urine before considering any aromatic solutions.

A highly effective approach is to apply a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar to the stain, allowing it to sit for 10-15 minutes. Afterward, wipe it with a clean cloth to remove excess moisture. Only at this point can you proceed with scented detergent.

3.   Don’t use ammonia.

Many people use ammonia to remove odors caused by pet urine, but this product only makes the situation worse. Instead, you can use a mixture of water, detergent, and a few drops of bleach.

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