All the MISTAKES you didn’t know you were making using the washing machine

The washing machine is probably one of the appliances you use the most in your home. But despite how often this appliance gets used, most people have probably never given a single thought to how they are using their machine. Because of how much we rely on the washing machine to consistently provide us with clean clothes, perhaps we should pay more attention to how we are handling this device. So here are a few things to do and to avoid when using your washing machine.

washing machine mistakes

The right amount of fabric softener

Fabric softener is undoubtedly a wonderful product that produces great results for our loads of laundry. However, this product only creates these great results if used properly. For example, using too much fabric softener can cause the hardening of your clothes by absorbing too much moisture. Too much fabric softener can also cause stains and unpleasant smells.

One way to avoid this is creating your own natural fabric softener. This can be achieved simply by combining a few drops of white wine vinegar with some essential oil.

Leave the door open

washing machine and arrow

Whether you leave your washing machine open or not may seem inconsequential. However, leaving the door open for a couple of minutes after each wash can be beneficial. By doing this, you are allowing excess water to escape the machine, thereby avoiding bad smells that would result if the moisture remained inside.

Avoid excess detergent

Just like with fabric softener, pay attention to the amount of laundry detergent used in each load. Keep in mind that if too much detergent is used, a large formation of foam can occur, creating a big mess for you to clean up later. In addition, your clothes can end up sticky and possibly ruined. So it may be worth it to pay attention and try to keep the amount of detergent proportional to the size of the load.

laundry detergent

Be mindful of the size of your loads

When you overload your machine with clothes, especially on a regular basis, you could be shortening its life. Not only will the washing machine not perform as well, but it is also a waste of energy. In addition, the clothes don’t even get a proper wash this way.

Don’t forget about maintenance

washing machine and shelf

Your washing machine is an investment in your home, and you probably want it to last as long as possible. That’s why maintaining your machine is so important. Over time, the buildup of limescale and dirt gets worse and worse, making your washing machine work increasingly harder for each load. So it is imperative that you make sure your machine is always clean inside.

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