Messy House and Psychological Problems, Everything You Need to Know

There is a connection between having a messy house and psychological problems. Neglecting specific areas in your home may be linked to different mental disorders, and understanding this connection can provide insights into your personality and mental health.

This may also be a person who is alone and craves a relationship.

Messy house and psychological problems, what’s the connection?

Maintaining a tidy home goes beyond cleanliness and good taste. Having a messy house perpetually surrounded by chaos within the domestic walls can reveal much about the people living there. It may unveil aspects of their character, including fears, phobias, and even potential psychological issues. Let’s explore what this can tell us.

Messy entrance and hall

The state of a home, as well as potential psychological problems, can become evident as soon as you step inside. Chaos near the door, like bags, shoes, and other items, can have multiple meanings:

  • The owner of the house is a loner.
  • Struggles to have social relationships.
  • He/She is a mentally tired person.
  • Feels the need to free himself from worries.

Watch out for the kitchen

As we’ve discussed in earlier articles, the kitchen is a space that should always be kept clean and well-organized. Some plants can assist in purifying the air and enhance the aesthetics of the kitchen. There are also methods to effectively declutter this area, ensuring it remains functional and pleasant.

Dirty kitchen might reveal people don’t think about the future often.

A dirty kitchen, with dishes to wash and mess everywhere, hides:

  • Nervousness.
  • Emotional instability.
  • Anxiety and stress.
  • Difficulty carrying out essential functions (washing dishes, etc.).

Shelves and desk out of control

Leaving notes scattered everywhere, having crumpled paper balls on the desk, or dirty tissues represents a person who strives for perfection to meet the expectations of others but who feels under pressure and gives in.

Clutter in the office, too?

A whole room, with a messy desk full of objects, can hide a character:

  • Creative.
  • Childish.

On the contrary, if everything is meticulously arranged according to color or shape, it hides a paranoid personality that tends to have everything under control.


When a bedroom is filled with items in disarray, like clothes on the bed, scattered shoes, and rubbish on the floor, it reveals a twisted personality going through a challenging period, trying to cope with problems by letting go and neglecting their surroundings.

Messy bedroom might reveal a person who is alone and craves a relationship.

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