Lumps of fat forming on the back: what are those exactly?

Every so often, one may find the odd lump of fat that has formed on the back, and it is natural to be concerned. While it is quite possible it is nothing to worry about, it is still important find out exactly what is going on. There is always a chance that it could be something serious.

So what is a lipoma?

Your doctor will end up being the one who properly identifies what those lumps of fat on the back really are. Often these lumps of fat that appear on the body are something called lipomas, which are essentially just an accumulation of lipids or fatty cells.

It is important to understand that lipomas are not malignant, and they tend to be small in size. It is worth noting, though, that there are also internal lipomas that could potentially cause complications with some internal organs.

The doctor should be able to determine whether you have a lipoma or some other kind skin lesion, in which case there another diagnosis needs to be made. There is also the possibility the doctor concludes that it is the normal accumulation of fat, which is slow and progressive.

Luckily, lipomas are not painful, and they don’t often become very big. For small cases, doctors advise patients not to do anything, but surgery is an option if it becomes too large. Keep in mind that a lipoma will have a soft, squishy texture, even though it is not a liquid.

Skin boils

Skin boils are infections that occur in the hair follicle. Their sources are still not completely understood, but there is some evidence that skin boils can be genetic.

They often appear where there is a greater concentration of hair. Skin boils are often painful, but this is not always the case. Pain usually comes from the resulting pus causing pressure as it tries to escape. Skin boils can be treated with antibiotics, and antiseptics can be used when to clean the pus when it is present.

Sebaceous cysts

Lastly, another possibility is that the lump of fat is a sebaceous cyst. These, like lipomas, don’t usually cause any pain. However, unlike lipomas, infection is a possibility. So it is important to always pay close attention to what is happening to your body.

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