Let It Sit on the Toilet Walls All Night, Then Flush

The detergent market offers a plethora of options for effective toilet cleaning. Products of any brand, any color, and with any ingredient leave you spoiled for choice. However, I can tell you a secret: there’s an ecological and efficient way to clean your toilet bowl. This simple and cost-effective trick not only helps you sanitize the toilet but also removes stubborn limescale encrustations. It must be recognized that, in fact, the bathroom tends to be the dirtiest room in the house and requires regular cleaning for perfect hygiene. While many commercial cleaners are highly effective, they often fall short regarding environmental friendliness. Let’s explore how to disinfect, clean, and even create a more inviting bathroom using eco-friendly methods.

If you leave this product on the walls of your toilet overnight, it will be perfectly clean in the morning

An infallible trick

To always have a perfectly clean toilet, I recommend a nightly routine. Before bed, generously sprinkle sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) into the bowl and let it sit throughout the night. In the morning, use a toilet brush to scrub vigorously. To finish, flush the toilet, and you’ll find the bowl clean and shining.

sponge, bottles, coarse salt and gloves are placed on a table

Indeed, there’s another effective method you can try. Create a mixture using water, 100 grams of coarse salt, and 100 grams of bicarbonate of soda. Wet the toilet brush and then rub it on the edges, especially where you notice stains. Allow it to sit for a few hours, and then rinse. This method works wonders due to the abrasive action of both the bicarbonate and salt, which efficiently remove the settled dirt, leaving your toilet bowl clean and white.

mix coarse salt and baking soda can effectively clean the toilet

Finally, using gloves, put 25 g of citric acid on the bottom of the toilet, leaving it to work overnight. In the morning, use a bathroom brush to scrub the bowl’s interior, paying extra attention to any stains. At this point, flush the water, and you’ll achieve the impressive clean and fresh effect you’ve been aiming for.

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