The Trick of Candles With Lemon to Perfume the House and Keep Mosquitoes Away, Making Them Is Very Easy

There is no better season than summer to grow lemons. The favorable climate allows you to obtain generous harvests, provided you have enough space and take proper care. Alternatively, you can always buy them in the market.

Certainly, buying lemons might cost a bit more, but their nutritional value makes it worth every penny. However, lemons are not just limited to their culinary uses; they are incredibly versatile. In fact, thanks to their fantastic aroma, they can also be used to create delightful scents around the house.

How to make candles with lemon

candles with lemon

Experienced housewives already use lemons for various purposes. For example, they place them in the refrigerator to eliminate any annoying smells emanating from the appliance. There are countless other uses for lemons, enough to fill a book. But what we’re about to tell you might even surprise these seasoned homemakers.

Well, with lemons, you have the opportunity to make candles, which are also precious for keeping mosquitoes away. The process is quite simple if you follow the steps precisely. Avoid improvising, and you’ll get guaranteed results.

precious for keeping mosquitoes away

As always, let’s start with what you need :

  • containers for candles
  • pots for melting wax
  • sticks of wax (1 stick for each candle)
  • lemons (including zest)
  • lemon aromatic essence
  • coloring to taste (optional)

Cut the wax into pieces and put them in a pot to melt. Add the aromatic essence of lemon and mix well until it becomes smooth. At this point, you can integrate some dye if you wish to color the candle, just a few drops will do. Decorate the container with lemon slices and pieces if you like.

We’re almost there now. When the wax is still hot and liquid, pour it into the container and give it time to cool. Insert the wick into the center of the candle and allow the wax to cool completely. Now yes, you’re really done!

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