Keeping Your Child’s Baby Teeth Could Save Their Life: We’ll Explain Why

One of the most beautiful moments in both your and your child’s life is witnessing the natural process of baby teeth falling out. Generally, these tiny treasures are often preserved as magical and precious keepsakes. But what if we told you that in addition to being a beautiful memory, they can also be very useful, so much so that they can even save the life of your little boy or girl?

Scientists have made a remarkable discovery—baby teeth host stem cells with the potential to combat diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and certain types of cancer. So, saving those little white pearls is much more beneficial than waiting for the little mouse or the fairy – who get their teeth in exchange for money.

Baby teeth: here's why to keep them

Why keep baby teeth?

As outlined in a study by the US National Center for Biotechnology, baby teeth are a great source of stem cells. These remarkable cellular organisms have the potential to contribute to the regeneration of new tissue in different parts of the body.

Due to being less exposed to environmental damage, these cells from baby teeth hold promise for numerous medical procedures that could save the lives of children in the future.

As per information from Laserdent Clinic, stem cells derived from baby teeth can be used by children or their relatives to treat liver injuries, regenerate corneas, assist in surgical procedures, and prevent heart injuries. Similarly, a study published in the journal Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association suggests injecting an individual with their cells may be functional for treating end-stage heart failure.

baby teeth host stem cells with the potential to combat diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's

To harness all these benefits and ensure the cells remain in good condition, providing the right care for the teeth is crucial.

How to keep baby teeth

During an interview, the president of the General Council of Dentists in Spain assured us that saving milk teeth is an excellent long-term investment.

To obtain stem cells from baby teeth, it’s essential to contact a doctor who has the necessary tools to evaluate and extract the tooth in a sterile manner. This not only ensures the preservation of the cells but also assures that you have successfully saved these valuable stem cells. This is a treatment that offers study possibilities for stem cells. These cells hold promise for contributing to the regeneration of various tissues within the body.

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