Just Two Minutes, Make Your Own Vinegar-based Cleaner

Vinegar is one of the natural ingredients that can never be missing in our home cleaning. It is a very versatile product, suitable for almost any type of surface (excluding marble, given its acidity, which could potentially cause irreparable stains). You can easily prepare a powerful, degreasing detergent with vinegar in just a few minutes. Additionally, vinegar serves as a disinfectant and effectively removes bothersome limescale stains.

The recipe for the vinegar-based cleaner

you can quickly create a practical, completely natural vinegar-based cleaner in just two minutes,

Indeed, before proceeding with the preparation of the vinegar-based cleaner, it’s essential to ensure that the material being cleaned can withstand the product. While marble is definitely not recommended due to its susceptibility to stains, I would tread carefully, even in the case of particularly fine woods or delicate fabrics. That said, you will need to arm yourself with:

  • alcohol vinegar: 1 bottle
  • a carafe
  • distilled water
  • essential oil to taste
  • a spray bottle
Pouring Wine Vinegar in a Bowl

Basically, all you have to do is simply mix the specified ingredients in a spray bottle, adding around ten drops of essential oil for a pleasant scent (avoid mixing more than 2-3 essential oils).

However, if you need a slightly less aggressive detergent, simply replace the alcohol vinegar with regular white wine vinegar. Blend it with water and add essential oil for fragrance. Tea tree oil is excellent for antibacterial and antifungal properties, lavender or citrus oils keep insects away, and eucalyptus and peppermint provide a fresh scent that can be beneficial for respiratory issues and its done.

a person is cleaning the window

However, we would avoid using these vinegar-based cleaners on materials such as:

  • marble
  • granite (like marble, it tends to become dull or opaque in the presence of acidic substances)
  • wood (certainly never if the wood is lacquered also pay attention to parquet)
  • synthetic or delicate fabrics such as silk

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