It Smells Like Smoke in Your House, You Can Get Rid of It This Way

If cigarette smoke is one of the most pervasive smells in a house, eliminating it completely takes time and patience. However, with these tips, you can improve the air quality in your home.

Effective tricks to combat the smell of smoke in your home

Natural remedies against the smell of smoke in the house

The carpet is one of the furnishings that tends to absorb odors the most. The first helpful ingredient to neutralize it is baking soda, a great ally against unwanted odors. Simply sprinkle baking soda directly onto the carpet, let it sit for about an hour, and then vacuum it.

Another excellent odor absorber is activated charcoal. You can use it by placing small amounts of charcoal throughout your home, such as in drawers, ashtrays, or corners of rooms.

apples placed on a table

Coffee grounds contain natural compounds that can effectively neutralize odors. Place coffee grounds in a bowl and position them strategically in your home, such as in the kitchen or the rooms where you smoke the most. Over time, the coffee grounds will absorb and help eliminate the lingering odor of smoke.

Thanks to its concentrated aroma, vanilla extract is an excellent product that can effectively mask and cover unpleasant odors. Use it by pouring a few drops onto a cotton ball and placing them around your home or applying a few drops on a sponge or cloth to clean various surfaces.

Apples, with their intense aroma, can effectively mask the smell of smoke in your home. Cut them in half and place them where the smoke odor is concentrated. Alternatively, you can also use pears or potatoes.

some ingredients placed on the table to remove the smell of smoke

White vinegar, with its antibacterial properties, is a valuable ally in combating unpleasant odors. Use it by boiling a pot of vinegar for an hour or two. The steam released during this process will help neutralize any type of bad smell.

You can use these remedies in combination to enhance the effects of these remedies. For instance, you can place vanilla extract on charcoal or apples and even add a few drops of essential oil to create a more pleasant and customized fragrance.

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