Is It Right to Take Off Your Shoes When We Enter the House? the Answer May Surprise You

Directly from eastern countries, removing shoes before setting foot inside the house has recently gained popularity in America. But is it genuinely beneficial? Today, we aim to address this question and highlight some common mistakes we often make without even realizing it.

Especially with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all become more attentive to home hygiene, trying to minimize the possibility of contact with germs and other microorganisms. During lockdowns, many of us developed a habit of carefully removing outdoor shoes before entering our homes.

Here are some mistakes about taking off your shoes before entering the house

This practice is already very widespread in numerous Eastern countries like Japan, China, and Korea, and it has now found its way into many American households. The goal is to prevent germs and dirt, which naturally accumulate on shoes, from entering the house. But the question remains: Is it genuinely beneficial to remove your shoes before entering?

Why take off your shoes before entering the house

Indeed, the discussion regarding dirt is truthful, as highlighted by Carlo Signorelli, a professor of Hygiene and Public Health at the University of Parma and the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University of Milan. It’s a fact that various types of street waste can stick to our shoes, including tar residues, organic waste, and even chemical substances.

a girl is taking off her shoes

Removing shoes before entering the house is unquestionably a good practice. However, people who follow this routine sometimes make mistakes that should be noticed. For example, one of these needs a designated shoe rack at the entrance to store the removed shoes.

In fact, leaving shoes on the floor can be dangerous, especially for young children, who are more likely to come into contact with them. Kids might touch the shoe soles and then put their hands in their mouths, potentially ingesting harmful substances on the shoes.

You should take Off Shoes While Entering the House

To prevent such situations, it’s advisable to use a closed shoe rack at the entrance, making shoes inaccessible to curious hands. Additionally, if you do not want to introduce unwanted guests into your home, you should also consider the type of doormat you have. In fact, the ones with bristles, unlike those made of rubber, cannot eliminate most of the dirt. Choosing the suitable doormat and maintaining a closed shoe rack can help maintain cleanliness and safety in your home.

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