An Interesting Trick to Stop Splattering When Cooking With Oil

We all know that when we are cooking on the stove with oil, there is surely going to be a big mess to attend to later. Not only is this creating more household work but it can also be dangerous when it comes to burning our skin. But there is a way to prevent this from happening in the first place, and here’s how.

Stopping cooking oil from splashing

We can start with some of the easier ways to prevent oil from splashing. First of all, try to choose a pan that has high walls. This will help contain the oil and act as a barrier to your clean stove top. Also, try not to use too much oil. The proper measure should be just enough to immerse your food halfway.

Another technique involves the use of a thermometer. As the oil begins to heat up, keep track of the temperature inside the pan. The oil will only begin splattering when it becomes too hot, so you can help prevent this from happening by regulating your flame properly.

cooking oil

A few other tricks involve the use of a cork and aluminum foil. By placing a cork inside the hot oil, the cork’s material will help absorb some of the oil as it cooks, helping to contain the hot liquid in the pan. Also, it is advisable to lay aluminum foil along the surrounding area so that any oil that escapes can be easily cleaned up later.

food and cooking thermometer

A sliced potato can also help keep your kitchen free of oil stains. Just like a cork, a sliced potato placed in the middle pan will help the oil cook calmly and limit splashing. Another option is to toast some salt in your pan before adding the oil. This will help soak up any moisture left on the pan which is one of the main causes of oil splashing around.

flaming stove

While experimenting with these cooking life hacks, it is important to remember that cooking with oil can be dangerous. As we previously mentioned, there is always the risk of burning your skin. So always be cautious when trying out these methods for maintaining a clean kitchen.

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