If You Wonder Why You Run to the Bathroom After Coffee, We’ll Explain the Reason

It’s a daily ritual that you consume your fragrant cup with pleasure and promptly run to the bathroom after your coffee. But why does it happen? We reveal the reasons why this drink has a laxative effect.

The reasons why you run to the bathroom after coffee

It’s the same every morning: you run to the bathroom after coffee.

Whether brewed at home or enjoyed at a café, the outcome remains constant. After coffee, you run to the bathroom, and this step is not only mandatory but also punctual. But why does this happen, and how can you prevent this inconvenience?

Let’s first understand why coffee acts this way on our bodies:

  • It contains chlorogenic acid, from the polyphenol category, known for its role in promoting intestinal movement and helping alleviate constipation.
  • It stimulates gastrin, which is responsible for regulating the movements of the colon.
  • It promotes peristalsis, accelerating digestion and the process of expelling faeces.
  • It increases the production of cholecystokinin, a hormone that further supports intestinal movement and transit.
a person is in need to go to the washroom immediately

All it takes is about 4 minutes…

Did you know that it takes just about 4 minutes for the effects of coffee to kick in? During this short time, the intestines and colon receive enough stimulation to activate and create the urge to “empty” the bowels.

At least 30% of the population who regularly consumes coffee feels the unstoppable impulse to run to the bathroom after drinking the desired drink, which has the ability to awaken and keep you active. So don’t worry. You are not the only person this happens to. However, limiting your coffee intake is wise, as excessive consumption can adversely affect your health.

At least 30% of the population who regularly consumes coffee feels the unstoppable impulse to run to the bathroom

Not only a laxative but also a diuretic

What might surprise you is that, in addition to having a laxative effect, coffee also has a diuretic effect.

In fact, coffee’s ability to accelerate blood flow and heart rate also leads to increased kidney activity. This heightened kidney function results in the production of a greater quantity of urine. Coffee is classified as one of the foods that help combat water retention, mainly due to its diuretic effect. It can assist in reducing excess fluid buildup in the body.

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