If You Meet Me at Home You Probably Have a Problem

Encountering scissor insects, also known as earwigs, like these at your home signals a potential issue. While Forficula auricularia is not inherently dangerous, its presence indicates you have a problem that may need attention.

Why are scissors in the house a problem?

earwig at home indicates that there is something to improve in the environment

Earwigs are tiny insects with an elongated and flattened body, dark brown in colour. Their flattened head, long, thin legs, and transparent wings with a black edge characterize them. The distinctive feature is a pair of scissor-like appendages at the rear, utilized for defense against predators and capturing smaller insects, their primary prey.

mold on the wall

True, that appendage can pinch us, but these bugs aren’t poisonous; they mainly cause minor irritation. If we find them in our home, it suggests a humid, poorly ventilated, dark space with mold and dirt. That’s because these critters thrive in such conditions.

These bugs are commonly spotted in garages, cellars, or attics. Occasionally, one might wander into the house by mistake. However, if we consistently find many of them, it could be nature’s way of telling us to step up our housekeeping game. It’s not just about cleanliness; it’s also a signal to improve ventilation, ensuring mold isn’t lurking in our living spaces. Once these problems are resolved, the earwigs should also move elsewhere.

mold on the basin

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