If you happen to have this type of plant in your garden, get rid of it!

There is nothing wrong with having an array of different plant species occupying your garden, but not all plants are made equally. Some species can actually pose a threat to the health of both humans and our pets. Therefore we are going to describe the plant that you should eliminate from your backyard.

The plant we are referring to is known scientifically as the Rhynchospermum or star jasmine. It is a type of climbing plant known for its pretty white petals that form the shape of a star, as its name implies. The plant is typically grown around walls and sheds to provide a rustic look to the exterior of the home. It also emits a lovely scent in the air.

Despite its pleasant traits, though, you should still think twice before adding this type of plant to your garden collection. As we said, it can be very dangerous to you and your pets.

star jasmine exclamation

What makes the star jasmine so toxic?

Beyond its good looks, inside of the plant a poisonous substance is produced. This substance can cause significant bodily harm when ingested including diarrhea, vomiting, and even death if enough is consumed.

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The star jasmine has origins in both Africa and Asia. In recent decades, though, it has become commonly cultivated in practically all parts of the world. The plant usually thrives in dense forests, and it is also known to grow in open spaces such as yards and parks.

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Due to the plant’s versatility, it is especially important to keep an eye out for it. This is especially true for those that live in the countryside. Always be aware that if you suspect a child or pet has ingested the plant, you should seek medical attention immediately.  So now that you know about the dangers of the star jasmine, it may be worth getting rid of it from your garden. Don’t let it’s beautiful appearance fool you!

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