How to Turn a Mug Into a Pot for Your Plants (without Breaking It)

With a bit of imagination and initiative, we can transform an old, unused cup into a charming plant pot. And, as many of us likely have such cups lying around at home, this is a perfect way to give them a new purpose.

This sentiment applies to individuals of all kinds, whether they identify as housewives, househusbands, or fall into other roles. It’s true that, in the midst of a consumerist society, the significance of giving objects a second chance through recycling can be overlooked. Yet, there’s immense value in embracing the art of recycling and repurposing, allowing us to rediscover the potential in items that might otherwise be forgotten or discarded.

The method is simple and within everyone's reach!

Indeed, it all boils down to the desire to make a change. When, instead of rushing to the nearest store, you make an effort to breathe new life into the objects already in your possession, you’ll discover considerable advantages.

Do you have an old, unused mug? Try giving it a second look, turning it into a vase for your plants, avoiding breaking it

However, drilling a hole is essential for proper drainage if you intend to turn the old cup into a plant pot. Let’s delve into the method, and I will be pleased to guide you through it.

Given the delicate nature of ceramic, some preventive measures are necessary. You will need a special drill, easily available on the market. If you have difficulty recognizing it, seek assistance from the dealer, who will be happy to help. Attach adhesive tape at the designated hole location and mark a cross with a marker.

Pour a small amount of water onto the surface—you’ll need it for a few good reasons. Firstly, it dampens the vibration of the drill (set to the minimum speed, usually 300 rpm), preventing the ceramic from breaking. Additionally, this measure helps absorb some of the dust generated during the drilling process.

Change your mugs into pots

As you can see, it’s not that challenging, right? Follow the letter’s instructions and give your home an extra touch of greenery!

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