How to reproduce your Sansevieria using the slicing method

The Sansevieria is the perfect indoor plant even for those who are not fortunate enough to possess a green thumb, and it’s all thanks to the following technique. Furthermore, once your plant has become large and healthy, you can sacrifice a leaf hear and there to create new specimens using the slicing method. Here is what to do…


There are, in fact, various methods for propagating the Sansevieria plant, but we find that the following particular method to be the most effective. Starting with just a single leaf, you will be able to create several new seedlings.

Using the slicing method to breed your Sansevieria

The first step in the slicing method is to cut a mature and healthy leaf from the mother plant. Make sure you first disinfect your scissors with alcohol. The cut must be made at the base of the leaf, close to the stem near the ground.

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Once you have done this, place the leaf on a flat surface and cut it into 2 pieces, making two vertical incisions along the concave area. Now, all you have to do is plant these pieces in soil contained in a flower pot.

It is important to remember that the base needs to be facing the ground, because it is from here that the new roots will sprout. Finally, lightly water the soil evenly, and make sure that there is proper drainage for the soil.

Another step you can take to ensure that your new roots grow successfully is to cover the pot containing the pieces of leaves with a transparent plastic bag. But make sure you remember to let the seedlings air out every 2 days for a about 5 to 10 minutes. This way no mold will be able to form inside. Additionally, you will need to routinely make sure that the soil remains moist, and the plant is situated in a warm place.


Once you notice new leaves appearing, you will need to transfer the seedlings to larger pots. Now you are witnessing your new specimens of Sansevieria thrive.

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