How to Make Weeds Dry Out: 5 DIY Remedies

The garden is our oasis of peace surrounded by greenery, and we like to see it always looked after and tidied up. Unfortunately, nature is mischievous, and every year, it mixes weeds of all kinds with our crops, which are sometimes very difficult to eradicate. Of course, commercial products are available, but they may pose a risk of harming our plants and flowers. Thankfully, there are DIY solutions that effectively dry out weeds without causing any damage.

Weeds, how to dry them with 5 natural tricks

5 solutions to eradicate weeds from the garden

To create natural solutions, we’ll mix ingredients such as cider vinegar, dish detergent, and coarse salt, as they possess properties suitable for effectively carrying out the task of weed control.

Cider vinegar, with its acidity, proves effective in damaging plant cells, leading to dehydration and, ultimately, the death of weeds. Dish detergent, when added to solutions containing water and other ingredients, improves their adhesion to the leaves. Coarse salt plays a role in absorbing moisture. When applied to weeds, it interferes with the water absorption of the leaves, contributing to their dehydration.

salt in a jar placed on the table

To prepare the first solution, mix cider vinegar, water, and neutral soap. Transfer the mixture into a container with a vaporizer and spray it on the weeds.

For the second solution, we are going to use salt. Pour 1 tablespoon into a spray container, mix it with a bit of water and neutral soap, and spray it on the weeds.

You can mix baking soda and water as an alternative for weeds growing in cracks or between tiles on driveways. Apply this mixture directly to the affected areas. However, refrain from using baking soda around other plants in the garden, as it may potentially damage them.

soap detergent

If, in addition to eliminating weeds, you want to make your garden an unwelcome space for ants, you can use eucalyptus oil. Mix it with water and spray the solution directly onto the leaves. Finally, you can use a classic yet effective remedy: boiling water. Boil the water, add some coarse salt, and pour the hot solution directly over the weeds.

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