Here is how to grow and maintain a rosemary plant in your home by following just a few steps

Rosemary is one of the more versatile members of the spice rack. It not only adds flavor to our dishes but also can give a fresh scent to the different rooms in the house. And it’s not too hard to get your own rosemary plant sprouting in your own home, but there is a series of specific instructions that need to be followed. It will surely feel rewarding in the end, though, when you have rosemary constantly at your disposal.

Caring for Your Rosemary Plant

When it comes to seasoning your dishes, the fragrance that comes from a fresh rosemary plant is usually preferred. Luckily, cultivating your rosemary can be quite easy. Start by cutting off some stems of rosemary that are about 20 centimeters in length.

rosemary stems

Now that we have our stems, carefully remove all of the leaves protruding from the base. You can, however, leave the leaves at the very end of the stem. Next, you will have to also cut any leaves that are exceptionally long, as we don’t want them to dry out too quickly.

vase with plant

We now will take the almost leafless stem and plant it. A medium-sized vase or pot is ideal because there needs to be room for the plant to expand. If the container is too small, it will be necessary to repot the plant in a short amount of time, creating unnecessary work for ourselves. Now fill the pot or vase with earth and create a hole in which the stem can fit snuggly. You may also create several holes if several stems are available.

soil and plant

Once you have placed your stems, add a bit of additional earth to the plants. Water generously and also keep the plant in the shade, particularly at the beginning of the growth cycle. When the rosemary has reached a somewhat substantial height, it can be moved to a sunny area.

And that’s all it takes to successfully grow and care for your own rosemary plant. The only thing to do now is to enjoy cooking with fresh rosemary that you created in the comfort of your home.

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