How to get aluminum pots looking new and shining again

Pots are made quite often of aluminum for a reason, it’s a great conductor of heat. This makes the material ideal for cooking food evenly and getting the most flavor. But over time, oxidation will occur and leave pots looking old and dull. So here we are going to discuss how we can fix that.

5 practical ways to make old pots shine

There are several everyday items that bring the shine back to aluminum pots, and one of those is Marseille soap. It is no secret that Marseille soap is a versatile cleaning product, and it can also be useful in the restoration of our pots. Start by filling a large bucket with hot water, add in several flakes of Marseille soap, then mix well. Now we can immerse our old pots in the solution and them soak for half an hour. Scrub away the stains and the pots should now look perfect.

Another effective product is yellow bar soap. Begin by cutting off a cube of the soap. Now take the piece of soap and firmly apply it over the rust stains. Rinse away the soap and residue and the job is done.

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No list of natural cleaners is complete without mentioning vinegar. In this case, we can pour the vinegar directly into the pot on its own. Turn on the heat and let the vinegar sit and do its work. Now just rinse. Keep in mind that this method should not be used too often, as the acidity of the vinegar can end up eventually damaging the pot’s surface.

The next product we can use may not be so obvious, milk. Though it’s not so well-known, milk can be a great cleanser in certain cases. Like with vinegar, pour milk inside the pot and bring on the heat. After the milk reaches a boil, we can pour it out. Let the pot cool, then scrub and rinse.

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Lastly, the last tip for keeping pots shiny and brilliant is to avoid the dishwasher. Most dishwasher soaps, though effective, can be very harsh on the surfaces of pots. It would be preferable to simply wash your pots by hand using a soap that is not too abrasive.

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