How to Eliminate the Smell of Humidity From Bathrobes

As the winter season arrives, drying clothes outdoors becomes challenging, especially for items like bathrobes that tend to stay damp and develop an unpleasant odor. This is a problem that affects everyone, regardless of the fabric from which the garment is made.

Absolutely, terry cloth items, in particular, tend to develop this odor more frequently, because they retain more water but dry more slowly. Despite this, microfiber and cotton are not exempt from it. So what to do? Here’s the tried-and-true method.

Eliminating the smell of humidity that develops on bathrobes and towels is not impossible

Remedies to eliminate the smell of humidity

Drying your bathrobe in the bathroom after a shower isn’t the best idea, as it quickly takes on an unpleasant smell, which will soon force you to change tactics.

To eliminate the common musty smell of humidity, the first remedy involves washing with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. This not only ensures cleanliness and hygiene but also imparts a fresh fragrance. You need to carry out the first wash with just a cup of vinegar in the detergent drawer. Follow up with a second wash using a cup of baking soda diluted in water.

Alternatively, you can use citric acid, which even has a softening function! Just mix 75g of citric acid in 500 ml of warm water, adding a few drops of your preferred essential oil for an enhanced effect.

Another foolproof remedy is liquid Marseille soap, which not only sanitizes but also imparts a pleasant fragrance to the laundry. You can pour two spoonfuls into the drawer, and for an added boost, consider adding a spoonful of baking soda.

bathrobe is hanging in the washroom

An unbeatable combination is made up of salts and essential oils, chosen based on your preferred fragrance. Mix 10 drops of essential oil with 10g of salt, and this serves as an excellent detergent substitute. Finally, you can use lemon juice, even for handwashing: mix 600 ml of lemon juice with 5 liters of water. However, keep in mind its whitening properties, so use it only if the bathrobe doesn’t have bright colors.

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