How to dry your clothes when it’s raining outside

Unfortunately, even if there’s bad weather, we need to routinely wash our clothes and linens. Especially with large families, the washing machine may seem to never get a break. But what do we do if there is no sign of the rain stopping any time soon? Well, we just happen to have a solution to that exact problem.


Clean and fresh-smelling laundry, even without a dryer

We can say that those who own a dryer definitely should appreciate the luxury they have, as they can have perfectly dried laundry despite the weather conditions outside.

purple laundry

But for the rest of us, we run the risk of accumulating a pile of wet clothes that will quickly become foul smelling and will just have to be washed again. This also increases electricity costs (we also reveal how to save money) as we are doubling our workload. So to avoid this, we are going to now explain a home remedy that you can use.

How to dry your clothes inside your house

To avoid rewashing your clothes or worse, spending additional money on laundry, we can instead take advantage of a few tricks:

folded clothes
  • Let the spin cycle run twice, letting the clothes get wrung out more than they usually would. Don’t do this with delicates
  • When hanging the laundry inside the house, make sure to choose a well-ventilated room and keep the window open
  • If possible, use a dehumidifier in the room, or use any other method that gets rid of moisture in the air
  • Put your drying clothes close to the radiator, and position them so they dry evenly
  • Avoid laying your clothes on top of each other or overloading the drying rack

The remedy for clothes producing bad smells

If, despite taking all the proper precautions, your clothes still end up giving off a foul odor, then there is nothing left to do but wash them again. However, there is something we can do to prevent this from happening again. All we need is water, baking soda, and our preferred essential oil. Now, get a spray bottle and dilute 15g of baking soda with 250ml of water and 5-6 drops of our essential oil. Spray the mixture onto the clothes and then hang them to dry.

laundry horse

Keep in mind that if you want to avoid a smoky aroma, don’t leave your clothes to dry near a fireplace or stove.

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