How to Dry Clothes at Home When It’s Raining Outside: This Way You’ll Say Goodbye to Humidity

When it rains, drying clothes at home is the only way. This is an increasingly common situation with the cold season, which is why some simple tips can help you when outdoor drying isn’t an option.

It is mostly about recovering the ancient methods of our ancestors, who always knew how to get by with very little. They were experts at making things work without all the modern comforts we enjoy today. Over time, we’ve somewhat overlooked their clever techniques. But there is always time to learn. In the following paragraphs, we’ll share some brilliant tips they use for drying clothes when rain keeps us indoors. It’s about embracing their resourcefulness to tackle modern problems. Let’s dive in!

a women is drying clothes on a drying hanger which is placed in the balcony

How to dry clothes at home, saying goodbye to humidity: the ancient tricks of our grandmothers

When drying clothes indoors, opening a window is crucial for effective ventilation. This prevents a buildup of humidity, which can occur when clothes release moisture into the air during the drying process. Proper ventilation ensures that excess moisture is expelled, expediting the drying time and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. If opening a window isn’t feasible due to cold weather, alternative methods like using exhaust fans, creating a cross breeze, or utilizing air purifiers with fans can help strike a balance between efficient drying and indoor comfort.

clips hanging on the drying stand

During the laundry cycle, consider utilizing the double spin cycle. While this might complicate ironing, it significantly accelerates the drying process. To dehumidify the room, you can use the “Dry” function on an air conditioner. In the absence of such an appliance, resort to an ancestral method widely embraced by our grandmothers—employing rice and salt to absorb excess moisture. If available, position a fan directed towards the clothes to expedite drying.

Before hanging them up, give the clothes a good shake to eliminate excess water. Ensure some space between each item to facilitate proper drying. Placing a basin or towel beneath the drying area is a practical idea to catch any water and prevent it from wetting the floor.

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