How to Cook Chestnuts with the air fryer

Even though temperatures remain pretty high, we can confidently say that we have entered the autumn season. And what does autumn bring? The beloved chestnuts! They are the quintessential autumn food, perfect for warming up on chilly evenings. Did you know you can roast them right at home in 10 minutes?

Indeed, instead of buying the famous street-roasted chestnuts and risking them getting cold on the way home, you can try roasting them in the comfort of your own kitchen. The key player in this foolproof method is the air fryer, the trendy kitchen appliance of the moment.

Use the air fryer to cook your chestnuts

Cook chestnuts with the air fryer: here’s how

The air fryer has recently gained popularity due to its versatility in cooking various dishes without using large quantities of oil. Many people may not realize that you can also use the air fryer to prepare delicious roasted chestnuts. Let’s find out how together!

fresh chestnuts in a basket

Roasting chestnuts in the air fryer is simple, and you won’t need any additional ingredients. Even salt is entirely optional. Once you’ve purchased fresh chestnuts from your trusted greengrocer, here are the steps you will need to follow:

  1. Carefully wash all the chestnuts by running them under a jet of water.
  2. Make a cross on their surface using a sharp knife. This step is crucial as it allows the heat to penetrate inside the chestnut during roasting.
  3. Place the chestnuts in the air fryer, setting it for 10-20 minutes at maximum power (around 392°F or 200°C).

Once the allotted time has passed, carefully remove the roasted chestnuts from the air fryer basket; be careful not to burn yourself. Enjoy this delicious snack while it’s still hot. Chestnuts have a taste loved by both adults and children, and they also offer various health benefits.

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