How to clean your steam generator iron

To ensure that your steam generator iron works properly and lasts for a while, it is necessary to periodically perform a little  maintenance. Most importantly, it is imperative to clean out any limescale that has formed inside of your iron. So let’s see how we can prevent this nuisance from becoming a problem.

Limescale is one of the iron’s most feared enemies, as it can completely stop it from functioning. It is exactly for this reason that many modern iron models are equipped with a special anti-limescale system that is able to remove any residue that may turn up. But if this is not the case with your iron, there is still a completely natural remedy that you can use. Let’s see what it is!

Using a vinegar and water solution to clean your steam generator iron

This remedy is going to call for a solution of water and white wine vinegar, which will help you to thoroughly clean the boiler of the iron and eliminate any traces of limescale.


Mix equal parts of the two ingredients in a container. Once you have finished, completely fill the tank inside the iron with your solution. Now turn on the iron and wait for the plate to heat up. Once the plate is hot, press the steam release button. Keep it pressed until steam stops coming out of the iro

Finally, turn the iron off and wait for it to cool down. Once cooled, completely empty out the tank so that every little piece of limescale has been removed.


Now, we recommend repeating the process 2-3 times for truly satisfactory results. But as you do this, gradually reduce the concentration of vinegar in your solution each time you repeat the process. Finally, you can use your iron normally and watch it work like new.

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