How to Clean Glass Bottles and Eliminate All Marks and Stains: The Result Will Be Shiny

Dealing with cleaning glass bottles is a delicate task that should be taken seriously. It’s essential to handle them with care to prevent irreversible damage. Instead of improvising, following proper guidelines and being well-prepared for the cleaning process is advisable. The classic method for cleaning glass bottles involves using stainless steel spheres readily available in the market. They have the advantage of reaching even the most inaccessible corners of the bottle. However, they can be somewhat expensive.

Everything you need to know about cleaning glass bottles

Glass Bottles Cleaning Guide

Given the current economic situation with inflation affecting many families, it’s essential to be more cautious about spending to ensure savings last until the end of the month. Returning to the wisdom of our grandparents, there’s a super trick to put into practice. Trust me, regardless of your experience and preparation level, it will only take a moment.

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You might recall using sand or gravel to remove deposits from the bottom of glass bottles from your childhood memories. Dish detergent is another effective remedy, as are vinegar and salt. Nothing new so far? Well, let’s explore a less conventional method.

Fill the bottle halfway with water, then add two effervescent aspirin tablets. This method is quite effective due to aspirin’s cleaning properties. Perform this procedure just before bedtime so the mixture has the entire night to work. When you wake up, thoroughly wash the bottle to remove any aspirin residue. To finish the job, disinfect the bottle with a few drops of bleach. The final step is to eliminate any remaining residue. You’re almost done! Dry the bottle by placing it upside down on a clean cloth, wait a couple of hours, and your mission will be considered accomplished!

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In addition to the previously mentioned techniques, if your bottles only require light cleaning, you can consider using these practical ways to clean glass bottles. One option is to use a specialized bottle brush with a long handle, making it easy to reach all corners and the bottom of the bottle. Another method is to mix baking soda with white vinegar, pour the mixture into the bottle, and then rinse thoroughly. Additionally, there are specialized bottle cleaners available in the market that you can use following the instructions. These methods provide efficient cleaning without the need for aspirin tablets or bleach, ensuring the safety of your bottles. Choose the way that best suits your needs and bottle type.

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